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The House of Chow Mein 炒麵的房子

New Dance Horizons kicked off the 30th Anniversary Season with a new creation by Edward Poitras. Co presented with the University of Regina Performing Turtle Island

Artist Statement

Once upon a time in the West, a right hand and a wolf’s head etched in history did echo and were heard through the ages, beyond notions of race and time, beyond the veil of words, a song of eternal life in death. Above the hubris of those who would make war. A western with no end, chasing its tail towards the setting sun in twilight’s last trace before the night and the light of a new day.

From the archives of Honoré Jaxon comes a dance in three acts. In a journey through time and space from Batoche 1885 to New York City 1951. – Edward Poitras

Conceived, Directed & Visual Scenography - Edward Poitras Dancer - Eloi Homier, Yvonne Chartrand, Marcus Merasty  Choreography - Robin Poitras

Conceived, Directed & Visual Scenography – Edward Poitras
Dancers – Eloi Homier, Yvonne Chartrand, Marcus Merasty
Choreography – Robin Poitras
Photography – Daniel Paquet

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With Guest Collaborators : Charlie Fox, Jeff Bird, Robin Poitras, Tim Lilburn and William Hales

Featuring Guest Artists : Bill Coleman, Yvonne Chartrand, Eloi Homier, Graham Kotowich, Krista Solheim, Ray Ambrosi, and Marcus Merasty

“Ignite! Festival” at The Saskatchewan Science Centre October 7-10, 2015

Join New Dance Horizons and The Saskatchewan Science Centre on October 3rd & 4th for a lantern making workshop in preparation for Ignite with Light! the following weekend!

This year we’ll be closing the Ignite! Festival with a fantastic lantern parade in Wascana Park. Called Ignite with Light! you will have the opportunity to walk, dance, sashay, or conga in Wascana Park along with dancers from New Dance Horizons and take part in a free light making activity. But for the most fun, join us on October 3rd & 4th to build your very own lantern from scratch! Use your completed lantern with the following Saturday, October 10th, for the lantern parade!

Pre-register for the workshop today by calling 306-791-7943 or emailing Peg 

For more information on the Ignite! Festival, please visit The Saskatchewan Science Centre’s website here