The House of Chow Mein 炒麵的房子 Fundraising Campaign

New Dance Horizons kicks off the 30th Anniversary Season with a new creation by Edward Poitras. Co presented with the University of Regina Performing Turtle Island

Performance Date: Saturday September 19th, 2015
Location: Riddell Theatre at the University of Regina

With a goal of $30,000 for Artist Fees, Travel, and Production Expenses.


Image by Edward Poitras Copyright 2015

The House of Chow Mein 炒麵的房子

Conceived and Directed by Edward Poitras

Artist Statement

Once upon a time in the West, a right hand and a wolf’s head etched in history did echo and were heard through the ages, beyond notions of race and time, beyond the a veil of words, a song of eternal life in death. Above the hubris of those who would make war. A western with no end, chasing its tail towards the setting sun in twilight’s last trace before the night and the light of a new day.

From the archives of Honoré Jaxon and the blood, sweat, and tears of a small band of outlaws comes a dance in four or five acts beginning with the Battle of The Grand Couteau and ending on the streets of New York. A journey through time and space for the small fee of one hour of your time and some change.

With Guest Collaborators : Charlie Fox, Jeff Bird, Robin Poitras, Tim Lilburn, William Hales
Featuring Guest Artists : Bill Coleman, Eloi Homier, Graham Kotowich, Krista Solheim, Marcus Merasty, Ray Ambrosi, Yvonne Chartrand