MAY SERIES: Somatic into Contact

INSTRUCTORS: Kivil Woodward and Tanya Dahms

WHEN 6:30-8:30 Thursday evenings, May 7, 14, 21, 28.

WHERE: New Dance Horizons Studio 2207 Harvey St.

PRICE: $60 series, $20/class. If you have experience in contact improv, you may discuss with us the possibility of drop-ins.

NOTE: Please wear comfortable and loose clothing. Bring water, a journal, and an open mind. The class will be in bare feet.

REGISTRATION: Call NDH at 306-525-5393 or email

May is “Contact month” at New Dance Horizons! We encourage you to sign up for a weekly series that starts next Thursday May 7th. Contact Improvisation (CI) is a form of dance based on the communication between two moving bodies while sharing a point of contact. We will explore how somatic practice can get us into contact.

Contact dialogues range from near-stillness to highly vigorous exchanges, each exploring a series of moments in shared movement guided by gravity, momentum, and inertia. Through this practice, you will find active release, where excess muscular tension and wilfulness are abandoned to an organic flow of movement. Somatic practice teaches us to attune to the inner self through sensing, feeling, and perceiving the world from the inside out. The somatic perspective is holistic, recognizing connections in all things, integrating body, spirit, emotions, and intellect. In this series of classes we will explore together how somatic work awakens the body to perceptual tuning and deep listening as a point of entry into contact improvisation. The fruit of this inward focus together with contact improvisation will facilitate entry into a deep transpersonal relatedness and a mutual connection to creative flow which transcends our individuality.

June Workshops with PATRICIA DEWAR

PRICE: $20 each

WHERE: New Dance Horizons, 2207 Harvey St. Please register by email:

Somatic Stretch - Wed June 3rd, 7pm-9pm

Somatic Stretch is an introductory experience into Thomas Hanna’s seminal work he termed “Somatic Education”. Somatic Stretch is a form of neuromuscular training that re-educates the body/mind through a series of slow mindful movement and exercises. The approach is designed to create new pathways for sensory awareness and fluid movement. Because the effects of the process encourage the body to release, relax and re-align, a somatic approach helps to relieve pain and disability associated with such common health complaints as headaches, stiff or painful joints, muscle fatigue, impaired breathing, accident trauma, etc.

Yin Yoga - Thu June 4th, 9:30-11am.

Yin Yoga is a style of yoga that targets the deep fascia and ligaments of the joints, versus the more familiar yang style that stretches and strengthens the more superficial muscles. Because of the different tissue nature of the joints versus muscles, a different approach is used. In yin yoga style, the poses are entered and exited very slowly, and the actual pose is explored in a quiet and meditative fashion for 3-5 minutes with gravity and breath deepening in the experience of the poses. This session will mainly focus on the hip and knee joints; the poses done primarily in seated or hand- knee positions.

Continuum Movement: The Nature of Fluid Body by Linda Rabin

Celebrate the summer weather with three days to rest and recuperate, to rejuvenate and revitalize your system through the breath, sound and movement practice of Continuum. We hope that you enjoyed January’s Continuum workshop with Linda Rabin, and we’re excited to let you know that Linda is back to guide you through this somatic approach. Attend to the movement of life as it expresses itself through your body tissues and cells.

Introductory Workshop

Thursday June 4 6:30-8:30pm $25

No experience needed

Weekend Intensive June 5-7 (Friday to Sunday) 10am-5pm + lunch break (6 hours) $275

Previous experience in Continuum required

REGISTRATION: Call (306)525-5393 or email

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